Quick English Practice Phrasal Verbs 3

Vocabulary, Level B1+

Replace the word in brackets at the end of the sentence with a phrasal verb chosen from the box below. You may need to change the form of the verb. Try again if you get some wrong, and don't forget to write down a few of the phrasal verbs in your vocabulary book.

1. When I come to London next week will you please for the night? (give someone a bed for the night)  
2. If we in plenty of time we should get there before evening. (start a journey)  
3. When David's father died he used the money he inherited to his own bakery business. (start up a business)  
4. I wasn't looking forward to telling him he had failed the exam so I until Friday. (delay doing something)  
5. Everyone was relieved when he the idea of finishing work an hour early. (suggest)  
6. Once she had decided to find a new job she looking in all the papers to see what was available. (begin doing something with energy and enthusiasm)  
7. John is so sensible; he tries to some money every week towards his summer holiday. (keep something in order to use it later)  
8. His new Porsche must have a good few pounds! (costs one a great deal of money)  
9. It took the fire-fighters three hours to the fire started by the vandals. (extinguish)  
10. Can you please the books where you found them? (replace)  
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