Quick English Practice Prepositional Phrases

Vocabulary, Level B1+

A prepositional phrase is a group of words that begins with a preposition and is usually followed by a noun or a pronoun. Try these exercises to practise them.

Exercise 1

Choose the prepositional phrase you think best fits into the gap in the sentences below.

1. We all laughed when he came to school .  
2. I don't need any help. I'll manage .  
3. Jane is much better now. The doctor says that she is at last.  
4. No wonder he looks worried. Someone told me that he is to the bank for more than four thousand pounds.  
5. You can't talk to her now. She's still , but I will ask her to call you back.  
6. Because she didn't want anyone else to hear she spoke to him .  
7. The journey home took 26 hours so you can imagine how we felt when we arrived home .  
8. All the answers have to be written so they can be marked by computer.  
9. He still very nervous when he has to speak .  
10. I'm afraid you're , there aren't any tickets left.  
Exercise 2

These are more difficult, but I am sure you can do them!

1. There are always two sides to the question, we will make more money that way but on the other we may lose some of our oldest customers.  
2. "I disagree that he is one of the best students, he really is quite lazy and I really think he should be moved to a lower class."  
3. I know I'm late bit am I still dinner?  
4. the rest of the country Chester has been very lucky and has not experienced the floods which many other towns have suffered from.  
5. Bill has gone off on his own a present for his wife.  
6. I don't see him very often, just .  
7. Who is all these dogs? They seem to be running wild!  
8. We are having a big celebration our golden anniversary.  
9. He was leaving the house when the phone rang.  
10. He got to the station just to see the train disappearing out of view.  
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