Quick English Practice Superlatives & Comparatives

Grammar, Level B1+

Exercise 1

Look at the following sentences and choose the right word to fit into the blank. The first ones are easy!

1. The weather was much in England than in Spain last week.  
2. Liverpool didn't play as as Manchester on Saturday.  
3. John is than David.  
4. His latest film is than the last one.  
5. The new chairs aren't nearly comfortable as the old brown ones.  
6. It's in Germany than in England during the winter.  
7. I feel today than I did yesterday.  
8. She's lost a lot of weight and is now than she was last time I saw her.  
9. We are going to be next month than we are at the moment.  
10. The class rooms look a lot now that they have all been painted.  
Exercise 2

Complete the following sentences using a superlative (-est or most ...) or a comparative (-er or more ...). You may need to use both a superlative and a comparative. Clues follow each question in brackets.

1. This is a really good school. It's one of the schools in the North West.  
2. That was a really good meal, probably one of the I have ever eaten. (delicious)  
3. I'm surprised I didn't fall asleep. I think that he is one of the people in the world. (boring)  
4. Travelling by plane is than going by car. (quick)  
5. He lives from school than John. (further)  
6. What is the sport in your country? (popular)  
7. David Beckham is than his wife, at least that's what I think. (famous)  
8. She is by far the woman in the world. (rich)  
9. She is just a little bit than I am. (tall)  
10. School days are supposed to be the days of your life but I don't agree. (happy)  
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