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  • Summer on the 25+ Course

    Summer on the 25+ Course29 July 2015

    This summer our 25+ Course – English for Everyday life and the Workplace has been more popular than ever. In July and August we have had an average of 20 students, from 9 different countries with an average class size of 4 students. Their feedback, as ever, has been absolutely fantastic.

  • Welcoming New Students

    Welcoming New Students2 July 2015

    We have a new weekly social event to welcome all new students. Every Tuesday at 4pm we will get together to chat and get to know each other with some drinks and snacks in the garden or in a local café.

  • Oxford Fun Run

    Oxford Fun Run5 June 2015

    English in Chester sent a teacher and student team to the Oxford Fun Run to compete against other language schools from around the UK. The student team came a brilliant third and the staff team retained the TEN staff team trophy they won last year. Jessica won the women's race! Afterwards the students spent a few hours visiting the lovely city of Oxford. What a great day out!

  • ISI Inspection

    ISI Inspection22 May 2015

    We were recently inspected by ISI and have now received the full report. The results of the inspection were excellent and the school achieved top marks in every category. You can read a copy of the inspection report here.

  • New Student Representatives

    New Student Representatives21 April 2015

    English in Chester is pleased to introduce 5 new Student Representatives: Emad, Mika, Nicolas, Yunah and Andres (left to right) They are here to help new students settle into the school and to help pass on feedback from students to staff.

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