Homestay Accommodation

Over 85% of our students have homestay accommodation. It is the best way to meet people, practise your English and discover more about our culture.

There are some very special points about living in our region:

  • The people are famous for their hospitality and have time to talk to you.
  • The standard of our homestay accommodation is excellent. We are the only year-round British Council accredited school in Chester and set high standards for our homestay hosts.
  • The cost of living is a little lower than in the south of England (for details see here).

Homestays provide breakfast and dinner every day. You will have your own room, furnished with a bed, and storage, and you will have bed linen and towels. You will be able to use a desk or table in your room/the house to do your homework. Homestays will also do a reasonable amount of laundry for you each week. Adult students will be given a key to their house. You will be treated as a member of the family during your stay.

The majority of our homestays have shared bathrooms. We have a small selection of homestays with private bathrooms, which can be requested by clients at The Language Training Centre or mature students on short courses.

All of our homestays are located in Chester. The maximum distance is 6.5 kms from the school and the city centre. There are very few providers living in the city centre. Some students will be able to walk to school in approximately 20 minutes and others will need to catch a bus. The main bus station in Chester is in the city centre and is a 15-minute walk from English in Chester. A bus ticket is approximately £2.50 for a return journey for an adult. You can also buy weekly tickets (£11 - £15) on the bus which can be more economical.

Our Student Services Manager is always available for you to speak to about your accommodation. We will ensure that you are happy with your homestay as it is such an important part of your overall experience.

Homestay Accommodation Rates

Accommodation Type Half Board
(breakfast and dinner, per week)
Bed & Breakfast
(per week)
2018 2019 2018 2019
Homestay with shared bathroom £137.00 single
£119.00 shared*
£139.00 single
£121.00 shared*
£109.00 single
£94.00 shared*
£111.00 single
£96.00 shared*
Homestay with private bathroom
(only for mature students on short courses)
£212.00 single
£162.00 shared*
£214.00 single
£164.00 shared*
£172.00 single
£132.00 shared*
£174.00 single
£134.00 shared*

* Shared prices are per person. Please note that students on adult courses normally request single rooms. Shared rooms are only available for students at the school who request to stay together. If shared accommodation is requested but is not available a single room will be booked and students charged at the single room rate.

Prices are per week with arrival on a Sunday and departure on a Saturday. On all types of homestay accommodation there will be an extra charge of £50.00 for students who want to leave on a Sunday.

On all the above rates there is a weekly supplement of £30.00 for students who require a special diet e.g. celiac, halal, lactose intolerance, vegan.

There is a supplement of £90.00 for students who want a standard homestay during the Christmas week.

If students want to leave luggage with the homestay during periods away from the school there is a charge of £40.00 per week.

Apply to become a homestay

If you would like to host an English in Chester student please click on the button below for our host application form.

Apply to become a host

David & Anne

We like having students as guests and want to give them all the comforts our home can provide. Interaction and conversation is always a pleasure, especially at meal times. Many of our new friends keep in touch long after they have returned home.

Barry & Samantha

We have been a host for fifteen years. We feel that it is the most important part of your studies with the school, to be living with a typical English family. It will be a most wonderful experience for you that you will carry through your life.

Eileen & Egon

We enjoy being a host for mature students. We hope that they get as much out of the experience as we do. As a family we have learnt a lot about different cultures. We feel it's important to provide a comfortable, warm, friendly and secure home away from home.