English in Chester offers a wide range of English language courses. Some are for different age groups, for example, teenagers, young adults, or mature students. Other courses are for people with specific needs, for example, professional people, students going on to university study in the UK or who need to take an internationally recognised exam. There are courses for everyone from the age of 13 to 80+. If you are unsure which course is best for you, try our course finder.

Frequently asked questions

Which course is right for me?

The right course for you depends on your age, how much time you have and what you want from the experience. We offer a range of very distinct courses. Try our course finder to find your ideal course, or contact us if you would like some advice.

When do the courses start?

Our General English and 25+ Courses start every Monday during the year. Other courses have fixed dates and you can find them in the Courses section of the website. There is some flexibility on fixed-date courses. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Are there are any part-time courses?

No. All courses at English in Chester are designed for full-time study and we do not accept part-time students.

How do you know what class to put me in when I arrive at the school?

On your first day we assess your level and place you in a class. You can also tell us before you come what level you think you are. You will still have to do the test though! On our 25+ Courses, students outline their needs in a questionnaire completed before the course begins.

How do I move from one level to another?

We want students to make as much progress as possible and to be happy in their class. Students, teachers and the Academic Manager always discuss and negotiate level changes. We want what is best for the student.

Can I change my afternoon option classes on General English courses?

Yes. If you change your mind you can talk to the Academic Manager or the Course Director and choose something else.

Can I take an examination at English in Chester?

Yes. English in Chester is a Cambridge exam centre. We regularly offer FCE & CAE and KET & PET exams. We also offer IELTS preparation courses and intensive IELTS booster courses.

Can I take a course that will help me in my work?

Our 25+ Courses are a short intensive programme that is ideal for you. We also have Business English afternoon options on our General English Courses (age 17+).

Will I get a certificate at the end of my course?

All courses result in a certificate of attendance which shows the level you studied at and the dates of your study. In addition exam courses have their own certificates.

Is there any homework?

On most courses regular homework assignments are given. Usually you will have a little every day, which can be some grammar or vocabulary exercises, a short piece of writing or an interview with your host family.

I want to study at an English University - how long will it take to prepare?

The length of time it takes to progress to University depends a lot on the level you are to start with. Most universities require at least an upper intermediate level of English (B2+), and for some courses this can be much higher. We are happy to assist you in your university application, and we have a close relationship with several local universities.

Is it possible to transfer from one course to another?

Yes - if places are available at the right language level. If the course fee is different it may be necessary to pay a supplement.

Felipe, Columbia

The lesson programme is well-structured and well thought out. The morning lessons really improved my use of structure and my speaking and in the afternoon I had more choice to build up my skills. My English is much better than when I arrived!