Development Courses for Teachers A Refreshing Approach to Professional Development

We offer courses for individual teachers and for closed groups of teachers. The aim is to stimulate teachers through exposing them to new ideas and techniques which they can actively employ to enrich their teaching.

Individual teachers who want to improve their English and focus on teacher training can take a 25+ Combination Course. These courses are available throughout the year. Teachers follow the 25+ Course and can choose to have either one, two or three lessons a day to focus on their specific teaching needs.

English in Chester can also tailor-make courses for groups of teachers. Courses always provide practical ideas for teachers to use with their students. Courses can be designed for teachers of young learners in different age groups or for teachers of adult learners. They can be for experienced teachers or for new entrants to the teaching profession. There are two courses of special interest to groups of teachers:

Language Teaching Methodology Booster Course: Exposure to and practice in different methodologies, techniques and ideas for effective English language teaching.

Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) Booster Course: Exploration of key principles, materials design and practical activities for teachers involved in teaching other subjects through the medium of English.

Please contact the school with your group’s requirements for a detailed quotation.

Development Courses for Teachers