Development Courses for Teachers A Refreshing Approach to Professional Development

We offer one-week Professional Development courses for teachers. The aim is to stimulate teachers through exposing them to new ideas and techniques which they can actively employ to enrich their teaching.

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There are two specialist one-week courses for teachers:

Methodology Booster Course: Exposure to and practice in different methodologies, techniques and ideas for effective English language teaching.

Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) Booster Course: Exploration of key principles, materials design and practical activities for teachers involved in teaching other subjects through the medium of English.

Methodology Booster Course

Start & Finish DatesWeeksTotal TuitionBook
26 Mar - 30 Mar 2018 1 £340.00 Not Available
30 Jul - 3 Aug 2018 1 £340.00 Not Available
1 Oct - 5 Oct 2018 1 £340.00 Not Available

CLIL Booster Course

Start & Finish DatesWeeksTotal TuitionBook
2 Apr - 6 Apr 2018 1 £340.00 Not Available
6 Aug - 10 Aug 2018 1 £340.00 Not Available
8 Oct - 12 Oct 2018 1 £340.00 Not Available

Tuition fees include:

  • e-Chester - e-Chester is our online guided learning programme. You can have free, full access to e-Chester from the time of booking, during your course and for 6 months after your course finishes.
  • Self-Access Centre - A teacher is available to help you in our well-equipped centre for an additional 4¾ hours a week.
  • Chester Orientation and Weekly Early-Evening Social Event - Other optional evening and weekend events at cost.

There is a registration fee of £55.00 for all bookings. For information on deposits, payment of fees and our refund policy including cancellations please see our terms and conditions.

Development Courses for Teachers
Lessons / hours per week
30 lessons / 22½ hours
Start dates
Set dates for one-week courses. Students may take two successive courses.
Minimum Age
Maximum Class Size