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  • A new residence

    A new residence 22 September 2016

    We have a new year-round student residence. Waterside Court is a modern, purpose-built and designed for university students. The facilities and location are excellent. It is just 5 minutes’ walk from our school. The rooms are great and all ensuite. Each kitchen/lounge is fully equipped and shared between 5 to 6 people. The price is £150 per week.

    Many of our students will remember our former residence, English House, and the House Manager, Ken, very fondly. English House has now changed ownership and become a hotel. We are sure that Waterside Court will be equally popular and provide a happy home to many EiC students. 

  • The EiC Story and EiC People

    The EiC Story and EiC People31 August 2016

    We are very pleased to have added two great new pages to our website. The first tells the story of English in Chester, 1976 to 2016. There are lots of funny photos and memories from the last 40 years here. The second is EiC People. You can find out about our students, teachers, staff and homestay hosts here . We hope you like them as much as we do. 

  • Happy 40th Birthday to us.

    Happy 40th Birthday to us. 29 July 2016

    Last week the Town Crier of Chester joined over 100 staff and students to celebrate the 40th anniversary of English in Chester.  

    Everyone wore something blue (the school colour) and enjoyed a lovely evening in the school garden. Staff, students and guests were treated to international dishes prepared by students, an Italian ‘Cat’s Chorus’ choir and Russian folk-dancing. Upstairs in the Common Room lots of prizes were won in English fete style games. 

    This was the Town Crier's proclamation:

    English in Chester has been proud to welcome students from all over the world since 1976. In these 40 years people from more than 70 different countries have enjoyed living in Chester and studying at this wonderful school. Some of our teachers and staff have been here for many of those 40 years. Everyone who works and studies here enjoys this international environment where, every day, we make new friends and learn a lot from each other. 

    Happy 40th Anniversary English in Chester

    Have a look at the fabulous photos here

  • A Message from the Director

    A Message from the Director 30 June 2016

    Over 50% of our students at English in Chester come from Europe. We are totally committed to providing them, and all our students from around the world, with a fantastic experience in our school and in the lovely city of Chester. In spite of the recent referendum result we shall continue to promote international education, work and friendship. Meeting people of many different nationalities and learning about  other cultures is a very important and positive part of the English in Chester experience for both students and staff alike. 

    It is likely to be 2018 before the UK finally leaves the EU. The situation at the moment is unchanged and is likely to remain so for the immediate future. We are, very definitely open for business. In fact now is a good time to study here because of favourable exchange rates. We are looking forward to meeting all those who plan to study here.

    Richard Day 

  • 40th Anniversary Party with Homestay Hosts

    40th Anniversary Party with Homestay Hosts1 June 2016

    This year is English in Chester's 40th anniversary. We have a number of celebrations planned. The first was with our wonderful homestay hosts. Students made dishes from all over the world which hosts absolutely loved. Our Student Representatives gave tours of the school and Sue explained how hosts can get involved with the social programme. There was a lot of laughter and sharing of stories as well as a speech from Nigel of course. The photos are great, you can see them here.

    The next celebration is especially for students, here at the school on July 21st. We hope to see you then. 

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