Erwin Reider - a familiar face from the past

6 July 2017

Today we had a surprise visit from Erwin Rieder and his wife. Erwin was a student at English in Chester in 1979! and back then he even helped owner (and his homestay host) Richard Day to paint the school! What a wonderful surprise! it's always great to welcome former students and listen to their happy memories of the school:

'I booked a one month stay in Chester and came to England by my car (a Renault R4 'self-designed') and stayed with Richard and Patty Day.

I arrived on a... Sunday in July 1979, it must have been the 15th, in Chester. One of the first things I did after arriving, I went to the school with your father and helped him to paint something (maybe a floor).

About the school I only remember that I liked very much the relaxed atmosphere between teachers and students. We had lots of interesting lessons and discussions and often went together to the 'Pied Bull' after school or sometimes in the evening or on week-ends.

There were a lot of interesting trips to the surroundings of Chester – and some a little farther.'

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