Our Staff

The people who work at English in Chester make the school so successful, friendly and professional. We are all here to help you make your stay in Chester truly special and memorable. We spend time getting to know you and we treat all our students as individuals. Our students always say that they love the friendly atmosphere that we create in the school.

Our Teachers

English in Chester is very proud of its excellent, professional and friendly teaching team. We have a permanent teaching staff of experienced teachers, many of whom have worked with us for many years. In addition, we have another 30 teachers who work for us at different times of the year and on different types of courses. Some of these teachers work on specialist courses, for example, our 25+ Courses, 50+ Courses and our Summer Courses for Teenagers.

Nearly all of our teaching staff have taught English abroad, and between them speak a number of foreign languages including French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Thai, Greek and Vietnamese, resulting in a broad understanding of our students’ languages and cultures.

Our staff frequently attend external training days and conferences run by organisations such as The English Network, English UK, English UK North, IATEFL, as well as regular in-house workshops. This ensures that they are continuously developing and updating their skills and teaching methods.

Our Teaching Team

Our Office Staff

Our office staff are the first people that you will be in contact with before you arrive at the school. They are here to help you select your course, find accommodation and to prepare for your travel to the UK. They are also the first people you will meet when you arrive at the school and are always available to help you and make sure you have a wonderful stay in Chester.

Our Office Team

Meet our Teachers

  • Jo Whittick, Academic Manager

    Jo Whittick Academic Manager

    Jo's overseas teaching experience has been in Portugal and she is a fluent Portuguese speaker. She has been at English in Chester since 1995. Jo is especially interested in teacher training, learner training and development and phonetics. In January 2009, Jo became Academic Manager and now looks after the academic team at English in Chester.

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  • Kerry Rimmer, Course Director / Teacher

    Kerry Rimmer Course Director / Teacher

    Kerry has worked at English in Chester since 1995. She has taught in Germany and is also a qualified teacher of German and French. Kerry works as part of the Academic Management Team as a Course Director for part of the year and teaches on the full range of courses offered by the school at other times.

  • David Sawtell, Teacher

    David Sawtell Teacher

    David has worked at English in Chester since January 2004. He started teaching in 1989 after 4 years working in business. He teaches on our full range of courses and co-ordinates the school’s University related programmes.

  • John Marquis, Course Director / Teacher

    John Marquis Course Director / Teacher

    John worked in Poland and Japan before he joined us in 1998. Prior to this he was involved in drama and stand-up comedy. John is interested in using drama techniques in the classroom and runs the English through Drama sessions during the summer.

  • Patsy Tyrer, Teacher

    Patsy Tyrer Teacher

    Patsy joined the staff in 1993. Her career began in computers but she changed direction and went to Greece to teach English. She is particularly interested in computer assisted language learning and mainly teaches on our courses for adult students.

  • Jane Cox, Teacher

    Jane Cox Teacher

    Jane has worked for English in Chester since 2005. She has taught in international education for all of her teaching career, working in numerous countries including Italy, Switzerland, Indonesia and Singapore. She mainly teaches on our 25+ Courses.

  • Jen Wilson, Teacher

    Jen Wilson Teacher

    Jen has taught in Italy, France and London and has been at the school since 2006. Jen loves working creatively and incorporating multimedia into her lessons. She teaches General English and Exam courses and also enjoys working with younger learners.

  • Claire Scott, Teacher

    Claire Scott Teacher

    Claire first worked for English in Chester in 1988 when she taught for the summer period while home from Italy. She worked in Italy for 3 years but has also taught in Turkey and Spain. She joined English in Chester full-time in 2007. Claire works mainly on the General English and Examination Programmes but also sometimes teaches on 25+ Courses.

  • Laura Beresford, Teacher

    Laura Beresford Teacher

    Laura has been teaching at English in Chester since 2002 on a variety of courses including General English and closed groups. In the summer she is the centre manager for the Summer Courses for Teenagers overseeing the academic programme. Her Diploma specialism was preparation for the IELTS exam.

  • Lisa Jones, Teacher

    Lisa Jones Teacher

    Lisa worked in Education and Social Development with the UN for 12 years after working in Business following her degree. Then she taught English with the British Council in Hong Kong for 4 years and in Vietnam for 6 years. At English in Chester she mainly teaches on General English, Business English and IELTS courses. Lisa speaks fluent Vietnamese.

  • Harriet Parker, Teacher

    Harriet Parker Teacher

    Harriet retired from the Academic Principal role in December 2008. She will remain working with us on various teaching assignments in the coming years. She first joined the school in 1977 but left in 1981 to work in the state sector. She returned to English in Chester in 2001 after having spent a lot of time teaching and travelling. She still thinks English in Chester is the best place to work.

  • Laura Owens, Teacher

    Laura Owens Teacher

    Laura is originally from Scotland but lives in England. She has been teaching English since 2004. Laura has taught English in Italy, France, Spain and Peru. She enjoys teaching on our General English and preparing students for Cambridge examinations.

  • Brian Watts, Teacher

    Brian Watts Teacher

    Brian has worked at English in Chester since 2012. He first started his teaching career as a Lecturer in Film at Middlesex University in 1999. In 2001, he started teaching English in London before spending 18 months in Japan and 7 years in Italy. Brian works mainly on the General English programme, but has also taught on Examination courses for young adults.

  • Amelia McCourty, Teacher

    Amelia McCourty Teacher

    Before teaching, Amelia worked as an air traffic controller and in airline operations for an international airline. She began teaching English to pilots and controllers before moving into General and Business English. She has taught part-time in English in Chester for many years and has also taught in local multi-national companies.

  • Jessica Brearey, Teacher

    Jessica Brearey Teacher

    Jessica has been at English in Chester since 2008 and enjoys teaching on a variety of courses, including General English, closed groups, 50+ and 25+. She previously taught English in Germany and Spain, before returning to the UK to teach in London, Birmingham and Liverpool.

  • Kelly Griffiths, Teacher

    Kelly Griffiths Teacher

    Kelly taught in both Russia and Italy before joining English in Chester. She works on a wide variety of courses, and loves ponies.

Meet our Office Staff

  • Nigel Paramor, Principal

    Nigel Paramor Principal

    Nigel has worked with international students for over 30 years. Having taught in Hong Kong for 4 years, he worked at English in Chester for two years from 1992. He was then Head of Centre in three state sector colleges before returning to English in Chester in 2007. He likes sport and playing the drums in a band, and has 3 children.

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  • Samantha Sansom, Administrative Manager

    Samantha Sansom Administrative Manager

    Samantha joined our office team at the beginning of 2004. She has an administrative background having previously worked in this type of role for software and training companies. She is responsible for student enquiries, enrolling students on courses, exam bookings and financial matters.

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  • Mandy Peatfield, Student Services Manager

    Mandy Peatfield Student Services Manager

    Mandy is our Student Services Manager who joined us in 2010. She deals with accommodation and welfare issues and likes to help students feel at home during their stay in Chester. Mandy has a degree in Geography and International Development Studies and has previously worked with charities such as the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

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  • Gabi Maraver, Marketing Manager

    Gabi Maraver Marketing Manager

    Gabi is our Marketing Manager. She is from Venezuela and was a student in the school in 2009 when she was preparing for her Cambridge Proficiency Exam. Her job is to assist Sam with student bookings and help students settle into life in Chester. Gabi’s mother tongue is Spanish and she’s been working as a translator for UK charities since 2007.

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  • Richard Day, Director (Marketing)

    Richard Day Director (Marketing)

    Richard is the owner and Director of English in Chester. He has been a teacher, Director of Studies and then Principal since he opened the school in 1976. Richard taught in the West Indies, Canada and the UK before starting to work at English in Chester. He has retired from the Principal role and now focuses on marketing the school and external relations.

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  • Hannah Day, Project Manager

    Hannah Day Project Manager

    Hannah has been working in marketing English in Chester since September 2003 but has worked at English in Chester every summer since 1998. Hannah taught English in Italy and Spain for 3 years before coming back to live in Chester. She enjoys travelling and meeting ETOs and students from around the world.

  • Karen Dickinson, Administration & Events Coordinator, The English Network (TEN)

    Karen Dickinson Administration & Events Coordinator, The English Network (TEN)

    Karen has been at English in Chester since 1994. She has taught in Germany and Finland and loves travelling. Karen taught for many years at our Language Training Centre with executive students and then became a Marketing Officer. Following the birth of her two girls she has returned to English in Chester on a part-time basis.

  • Jenny Rush, Groups Coordinator

    Jenny Rush Groups Coordinator

    Jenny has several years’ experience working with international students, gained both here in the UK and abroad in Canada and Thailand. She is responsible for ensuring that all group visits meet the highest standards of educational and cultural excellence.

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  • Jill Rogers, Senior Finance Officer

    Jill Rogers Senior Finance Officer

    Jill oversees the school’s finances and supporting managers with budgeting and cost control. She has over 30 years’ experience in accounts and financial management gained in various industry sectors.

  • Jan Freeman, Finance Officer

    Jan Freeman Finance Officer

    Jan is responsible for accounts data input, payroll and day to day accounts activities. She owns her own horse and enjoys competing in local events.

  • Alice Morgan, Social Programme and Student Engagement Organiser

    Alice Morgan Social Programme and Student Engagement Organiser

    Before joining English in Chester as our Social Programme Organiser Alice worked in the hospitality sector and has over ten years of customer service experience. Born in Chester, she studied Psychology at university and is particularly interested in social psychology.

  • Liann Bedford, Administrative Assistant (on maternity leave)

    Liann Bedford Administrative Assistant (on maternity leave)

    Liann joined the English in Chester office team in 2014 as an administrative assistant. She enjoys helping students before their arrival, when they book a course, and throughout their stay here in Chester. Before working at the school she spent a year travelling in North and Central America and Australasia.

  • Lucy Swinnerton, Administrative Assistant

    Lucy Swinnerton Administrative Assistant

    Lucy joined the Academic team at English in Chester in 2013. She was born in Chester and has been volunteering in classrooms at local primary schools since she was 17. Her job is to assist the Academic Director and Principal with testing, orientation, attendance, student records and tutorials.

  • Katie Watkins, Administrative Assistant

    Katie Watkins Administrative Assistant

    Katie enjoys greeting the students on their arrival and helping with any enquiries during their stay. Before working at the school she lived in Seville for 5 years working as a classroom assistant.